Representing Army Collective Records & Kontakt Recordings

Psytrance / Psychedelic Experimental

Location: Philadelphia

This music is currently spreading like wildfire, and for a good reason. Why you ask?

Because experimental dance music gives people the space in music they have been looking for, to be themselves, to just have a good time. Breaking down the walls of genres also breaks down the walls between groups of people who like those genres. Refreshing!

Simply said, this music lets you be yourself, and have a good time doing it!

Some is live, some is studio. All is groundbreaking!

More than music – its the sound of the moments inside of the party – those moments where you feel like more than just a party is going on. Taking some of the most tweaked out sounds of the past and bringing them to the future with this all new style of non-genre dance music. Spazmulach is a meaning. A point. Spazmulach music is living and breathing inside of your minds, it slips in and lives off of your thought. Organic – Evolving – Alive – It has found its place again, right inside your mind. Coming soon to a party near you ;) Spazmulach music is intended to expand understanding of music and break the idea of genre. To adapt to the crowd means one must constantly follow the mood, which changes with time. Music shouldn’t be controlled, it should be left on its own to develop until the party goes off. DJ’s and producers of this music tend to the crowd like its an organism, growing, evolving, getting ready to explode…